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Cookie Policy


Cookie is a file that is temporarily stored in the site viewer's computer to identify the browser of the website's provider (hereinafter referred to as "site viewer") on the site is. By saving the cookie, it becomes possible to record the site browsing information etc. from the site viewer's computer on the server of the cookie issuer.

About the information obtained by cookie

On this site, we use cookies or similar technology to browse websites browsed by site visitors, search keywords, history of advertisements viewed and their number of clicks, browse time, type of browser used, IP We obtain information such as corporate information within the range that can be distinguished from address, IP address (hereinafter referred to as "browsing history"). In addition, such information does not include personal identification information such as "name", "telephone number", "mail address", "date of birth", etc., and the privacy of the site viewer is not infringed.

Purpose of use

We use information on browsing history of site viewers collected by cookies etc. for the following purposes.

1. For improving the convenience of site viewers.
2. In order to display the most appropriate advertisement on our website or on a third party site affiliated by the Company based on the usage situation on the site.
3. To investigate the number of users and traffic of our site.
4. To improve our service.
5. To solve the technical problem of our service.
6. To propose and provide products and services to our customers.。

How to set cookie

The site viewer can also refuse to receive cookies and delete once received cookies by operating the browser settings yourself. Even in that case we will not interfere with the browsing of the website except some functions. Please contact each software manufacturer for the setting method of the browser.

About using Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to grasp the use situation of the site. Google Analytics uses cookies to gather site viewer information anonymously and aggregates website trend data without identifying individual site visitors. For an overview of Google Analytics please visit the following site of Google Analytics.

URL: https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites?hl=en


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